Welcome to Fired Up Geckos!

We are now accepting 25% down (non-refundable) for holding a gecko through the winter!
We will contact you when the weather warms up in the spring, at that time, we must receive full payment plus payment for shipping within 48 hours. If funds are not received in this time, the gecko will be re-listed for sale. Deposits will not be refunded.


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About Us

We are a super tiny breeder of crested geckos located in Massachusetts.

Since we’re such a small operation, all of our animals are pets. They all have names and we handle them all the time. We know their personalities and where they habitually sleep in their cages which are full of plants.

We believe a cage with a ton of hiding places leads to fewer dropped tails and happier animals. This is the environment all our animals thrive in. Rest assured, if you get a gecko from us, he or she has been living in the best environment that we can provide.

Our geckos are fed Pangea Fruit Mix Complete and dusted, gut-loaded dubia roaches (occasionally).