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All comments and opinions are welcome under these three conditions: 1) You currently breed crested geckos. 2) If you say anything negative, you give a reason. To further explain part 2, I can’t learn anything if you say, “This gecko sucks”, However if you say, “This gecko sucks because he has terrible head structure”, I can learn and get better from that critique. 3) Give it to me straight. I want to get better, and I’ll take honesty over BS any day.

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Your thoughts on:

Thor –

Siph –

Pyre –

Gremlin –

Digger –

Ash –

Bacardi –

Brandy –

Scarlet –

Solaris –

Kurtis –

Ember –

Gatsby –

Lyra –

Flint –


If you could pair my geckos, who would you pair? You can write none too.

Pair 1 –

Pair 2 –

Pair 3 –

Pair 4 –

Pair 5 –

Add more if you want.


Any additional comments? 



Here’s some general info on our collection.

*In general, I’ve been really bad at gathering lineage info. I’m trying to rectify that but at this time, I have lineage for Bacardi and Brandy only. I know that’s kind of crappy.

* Just because I’ve said who I plan on pairing doesn’t make that a good idea. If you think I have a bad idea, I want to know!


Thor – male – I love his color and his giant head. Paired with Siph, they make nice creamsicles.



Siph – female – She’s so light! She’s fired here. I liked pairing her with Thor since he adds his orange to the mix and she adds her patterning. I don’t like her head but I like Thor’s head and I’m incubating their eggs are a low temp, so I’ll see how that goes.



Pyre – female – I think she’s pretty but she won’t lay for me. Not sure what to do. It might be that she’s on the heavy end? I’m trying to get her to lose a few grams. I might try her again next year with Digger.



Gremlin – female – I pair her with Digger but I think I’ll pair her with Gatsby when he’s big enough. I love her lats and I have one baby that’s a 99% full pin from her so I know she can make full pinners.



Digger – male – I like his high contrast and big head. He’s made some nice looking babies with Gremlin. He’s my main man right now.



Ash – potential female -7g – This kid is changing colors on me. Ash started creamy, and is darkening now. Either way, I like the pinning and I’m hoping the lats will fill in and bright up.



Bacardi – male – 11g – I love everything about his pattern and if my luck holds, I’ll be pairing him with Brandy.



Brandy – potential female – 5g – Same with Bacardi. I love her dorsal and lats. Hopefully paired with Bacardi, unless she drops balls on me.



Scarlet – potential female – 8g – I want to make red geckos with yellow or cream markings so I’m hoping to pair Scarlet with Scorch.



Solaris – female – 32g – I like her bright yellow coloration and was maybe thinking of pairing her with Thor since I like creamsicle babies.



Kurtis – male – I actually don’t have any plans for him since he lives with my parents, but he is available to me, since I’m his babysitter.



Ember – female – 39g – Oh Ember. She started off red and her sibling is bright red and yellow. She kind of turned orangy brown. She has red and black spots and that’s kind of neat. I don’t know. I’m not sure what to do with Ember. I was planning on her and Scorch, maybe?



Gatsby – male – 25g – I hope for him to be a good male breeder for me soon, but Gremlin is pretty big so I might be to wait, or get him another girlfriend. He fires Black with a capital B.



Lyra – female – 22g – My concern with Lyra is she not very clean. She fires a very nice citrus orange color and can be very pretty, but I’m not sure about the spots. I like the citrus colored gecko look though.



Flint – male – 17g – I like his base color. He is from red parents but he fires a warm charcoal grey and his white and orange crests really “pop” against it. I’ve never seen a gecko with his base color and I’d like to try to make more, especially if I can get really contrasting crests.  I’m not sure how to go about that. I’m also not sure if it a new base color to me and is common elsewhere.


Scorch – male – 18g – He fires bright red and yellow. I love the red he can achieve.




Special thanks to Blue Amrich Studio for taking all these photos! Thanks, Blue!


A great big gecko critique!

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