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We are located in Chelmsford, MA.
Local Pickup Only – Due to COVID-19

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Because we’re a small scale breeder, all of our geckos are well loved pets. We house them in our living room, which means they’re exposed to the sounds of vacuum cleaners, TVs, barking dogs, and everything else from our daily routine.

All of our geckos eat Pangea Fruit Mix Complete (we rotate the flavor). These geckos have been handled regularly, although it is normal for babies to be jumpier than adults.

A few notes on housing:

• Crested Geckos prefer to live alone, and we will not sell to you if you plan on housing your gecko with a “friend.”

• Crested Geckos need hiding places to feel secure. We provide lots of plants in their enclosures and we believe this leads to happier geckos and fewer dropped tails. See our Care Sheet for more info.

All our images are taken by Beyond the Fence photography and are the best representation of the animal that we have.

Chipotle (RTB Male) – $350

Loves PFMC.
Weight: RTB

We purchased this handsome boy in 2014 from Underground Geckos. He’s produced some gorgeous babies, and now he’s ready to find a new home with some new ladies. I especially love his drippy crests, and he has a wonderful, sweet personality.

If interested, please contact – Local Pickup only in Chelmsford, MA due to Covid-19.