Bogel has been traded! Thanks Kim!

I’m looking to make a bit of room and I’ve decided to part with Bogel. Bogel was produced by me and hatched on 9/26/12. Looking very female at 10g. She is very healthy but very slow growing. I think she has been growing so slow because for the majority of her life I fed only repashy which she’ll barley touch. Now that I’ve switched to the watermelon PFMC, I’ve seen a slow but steady gain in weight. Also, she will not touch a cricket. However, I’ve never tried any of the tricks to make her take a bug since she’s a healthy girl. I’ve never tried dubias because I can’t deal with roaches, bleh! 

Very open to trades for a male or probable male. 
If you have a male for trade, please check out my other critters here:
Literally all of those juvies are looking female now, so if you think you might have a good match for one of them, shoot me a few pics please.


Asking $115 plus shipping OBO for Bogel. 

It’s been very cold and wintery here so I’ll hold until warmer weather.

Sire: Digger –

Dam: Gremlin –






Bogel Photos!

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