We went to the Manchester NH expo today and were not planning on another hatchling. We saw Ash though and couldn’t resist. Look at those pinstripes!

He (or she) is so creamy too!

We very excited to add this little one to our crew and we can’t wait until he grows up!


Ash_2 Ash_1


I want to give a little shout out to the breeder as well, Groveland Geckos (www.facebook.com/GrovelandGecko) . All in all, the crested gecko selection at the expo was fantasic this time around, the best I’ve seen in fact. In my opinion, his table was the best. The other tables were wonderful as well, but there were some solid geckos at Groveland Geckos at very reasonable prices.

The breeder also took the time to look at our other geckos and talk about breeding projects with us. Solid customer service!

Introducing Ash!

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