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Our geckos tend to move around a lot. Is the female in with the male right now? Did I put that little one into their adult cage yet? I just re-arranged my rack to make more room, what order are they in now? All the baby tubs look exactly alike! There are dozens of scenarios. After a long day at work, sometimes I’m worried that I might forget where someone is.

I came up with a way to solve it once and for all: magnet name tags. Now, the name tag moves with the gecko and it only takes a glance to see who living in what cage. It’s so simple (and water resistant) too!

Black sharpie
Silver sharpie
Assorted magnets (I got them at Target)
Rubbing alcohol (to remove the ink)

1) Simply write your gecko’s name on one magnet in the color of your choice.

2) If you don’t like it, clean the name off with the alcohol and start over. I’ve also used the alcohol to erase the name after I’ve sold a gecko but wanted to make a new name tag for a different animal. *Note: the silver is a bit tricky at times and requires a lot of elbow grease; the black comes off easily. ( I bet Goof Off would get it all off without issues, but it also smells really bad, so you’d need to wash the magnet a lot afterwards).

3) Stick them to either the metal part of a screen lid or use another magnet on the opposite side to secure it to screen, tubs, PVC, plexi etc.

4) Another useful thing we do with them is stick a geckos weight at a certain date right on the cage.











New Tutorial! Magnet Name Tags

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