These are our tanks. Normally, we go for the Great Stuff, wood, silicon, and coco backgrounds. Then we add tons of fake plants from the Dollar Tree and even more sticks. We like to be as natural as we can be.

First up is Thor’s abode.



This is where Digger lives.



Here’s the “Gecko Corner”. It’s a work in progress. Eventually I want to put in a few shelves.



This the home I made for Kurtis. I gave Kurtis to my parents for Christmas a few years back. I’m pleased to say he’s a happy boy and my parents love him. Kurtis might be back in action on a breeder loan in 2015.



This is a fully planted tank I got when I purchased Gatsby. It’s for sale actually.



The girls live in this 55 gallon when they’re not breeding.



This is Jackson. He’s a rescue Beardie who used to be so stricken with MBD that he couldn’t even walk. Glad he’s doing better.



Here are some 10 gallon vertical conversion tanks we made for the new juvies we got. Check out the tutorial here:

IMG_3056 IMG_3061

Little Ah-Peku lives here. He’s our only dart frog and this is our first planted tank. He’s a fantastic little guy to have around.


Where the Wild Things Are

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